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Why financial engineering has gone full circle with Terra

I’m really pressed for time but I wanted to get this out as it’s important. Here as a result is the longish thread-based reply I just posted on Twitter in response to this question: One question: if I buy tether, my cash was supposedly going into a short term dollar asset (asset side of tethers […]

Running on diesel fumes and other commodity crunch stories

The diesel situation is dire. What policymakers seem to be missing is that it’s not just the market’s capacity to provide for today that is under stress. It’s also the market’s capacity to build inventories in the traditional inventory-building season. I am on the run a lot until Saturday (in Poland), but I thought I […]

In the Blind Spot (Terra, Diesel, Cartels)

Housekeeping note. I have been traveling this week (and am currently in Poland for a conference) hence the giant content hole.  Finance, economics, markets etc… Is the Terra fail a Lehman moment for crypto? I have been travelling so I haven’t been able to keep up with the Terra debacle as well as I would […]